Rica is the common brand covering all metal-based products made by Riihimäen Metallikaluste Oy (Riihimäki Metal Furnishings Co).

Rica's specialty is custom precision metalwork - from design to mass production. Our experience shows that the earlier we get involved in product or system design, the more cost-efficient the end result will tend to be to the customer.

  • Together our core know-how in metalwork and flexible approach allow Rica to offer a diverse and high-quality range of products:
  • Rica heating systems: household heating boilers and combination heating systems using solar energy
  • Rica auditorium furnishings: seats, armchairs, tables and standalone chairs for auditoriums
  • Rica transport seats: passenger and operator seats for mass transit coaches and vehicles

Our production facilities and offices are located in Riihimäki and are close to the major Finnish transportation hubs.

The Rica brand covers a seemingly diverse assortment of products - but these possess vital common attributes. All are products of Riihimäen Metallikaluste Oy. All originate from the experience in metalwork our company built over the years. Finally, all of them are made according to the three guiding principles we find worth following:

  • Orientation on quality
  • Flexibility in approach
  • Reliability in delivery